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Project Overview :

 Mona City Homes
Location:                                                                     Sector 115, Mohali
Property type:                                                                     Residence 
Project Span:                                                                     7 Acres
Area:                                                                                  1500 Sq.ft.
Status:                                                                                  Ongoing


This is another project of Mona Townships, it is very famous builder in Punjab. In this project for only 3 BHK flats so if you want to buy Your apartments with best price and location then this project for you.

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New Logo of Mona City Homes

Logo of Mona Cityhomes

Described as a property that consists of land and building, along with some natural resources, real estate comprises of residential and commercial properties. Residential real estate embraces both single family and multi structure family. In India, where there was a concept of extended or joint family, big houses or mansions were preferred in old days. But now, this idea is getting changed with the decreasing size of family and geographical area.

The services received by the residential areas in rural and urban localities are very different. Large tracts of land remain without service in rural corners. Thus, a need for getting access to such services and facilities increased. Gradually, urban clusters started witnessing a tremendous growth of residences with the massive influx of population. But, here also, when a section of people lived in well-designed bungalows, many others stayed in shantytowns.

With more people getting attracted to the city life due to higher employment opportunities, the space available in cities and towns started shrinking. When people used to approach individual architects and designers before, the significant influx of population into cities gave rise to many real estate companies.

In India, the joint family structure is giving way to nuclear style. This move started observing the rising number of modern houses designed for four members. In most of the villages, big bungalows remain almost empty, housing only the old members. Younger generation has migrated to towns and cities searching for higher standard of living. Hence, the need for more number of residential complexes is increasing.

Residential Apartment/Flats For sale in Mohali

Mona Cityhomes ,Mohali

There was a time when the real estate companies simply made concrete jungles and forgot about the healthier life of residents. As a result of global warming and rising pollution, people are getting more health conscious. Hence, the present day real estate companies focus on increasing greenery in the residential locale. People want proper surroundings for morning walk, exercises, playground for kids, and quiet place for old people during evening hours.

Keeping the surroundings green has multi-fold benefits. It immensely reduces heat, and helps in reducing electricity use. Trees and grass give new life to the soil, unlike concrete slabs. This purifies the ground water. Oxygen supply will be increased, and can circulate fresh air, which can solve many of the breathing problems. Along with that, they emphasis on providing most modern facilities.

Therefore, keeping all these factors in mind, today’s realtors try to make every residential project a desirable destination to all.We know the value of your time. For this we have create a very short and refine list of your 3 bhk flats in this area. We have create this is list with see the all points form customer side because we want to save your time. This is not so big list but it is very clear list with prime location of property, trust of builders.

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