Positioning of kitchen in new Flat

Positioning of kitchen in new home is very important because it is  main powerful segment of the house is Kitchen.  Kitchen is the source of health and happiness for the family members and home partners.  The perfect location of kitchen and kitchen articles makes the perfect house as per vastu.  Family member live healthy always and mis incident don’t come around.


Best Location of Kitchen:  The Kitchen should be constructed at the southeast location of the house.  If you don’t have the space then you can think for northwest corner of the house to build the kitchen. But southeast area is perfect for the building the kitchen.  The kitchen should not be constructed under or above of the puja room, bathroom or toilet.  Even the wall should not be share of the bathroom and toilet with the kitchen.  If the kitchen build in the northeast direction the mental tension problem will increase and losses will come up.  The domestic harmony will destroy if kitchen located in south west position.


WashBasin or Sink: Washbasin/Sink for washing the vegetables, fruits, utensils and other article should be maintained at Eastnorth location.  This should be far away from all kind of fire because fire and water both work opposite to each other.

Refrigerator: It is your choice about the refrigerator to keep in kitchen or not.  If you are really interested to keep refrigerator in the kitchen then please make the space at southwest position.  This will help to maintain the freshness of the food and keep them healthy.

Gas Stove: The gas stove or other fire stove should be kept at southeast corner and keep 5 to 6 inch away from the wall.  The face of the chef should be at east direction at the time of cooking.

Window and Exhaust Fans: Ventilation is necessary in the kitchen for maintaining the fresh air, here vastu work also.  The windows and fans should be build in the south and east walls of kitchen.  You have to construct the 2 to 3 window on east side wall specially and some on south wall. The exhaust fan must be fixed at east wall for extra benefit.

Drinking water: Drinking water or drinking water supply should be keep at northeast corner as well as the water utensils should be store in the northeast corner.

Storage: The storage of the edible product should be keep in the south location.  Like daals, wheat, atta, rice, masale, vegetable, fruits, Oil and many other things.  If you have the shortage of space at south location then you can choose the west side wall also.

Color: Colors keeps mind fresh and very much useful to change the mind of person.  Color combination works in kitchen also.  The floor color of kitchen should be orange, rose, yellow, red or chocolate.  In all mean to understand the black color of floor will ruin everything.

Electric Appliances:  All Electric appliance should be place at south or southeast side of the kitchen.  The Heater, Oven, Toaster, Microwave, Mixer, roller etc. all should be placed on the exact place as specified.

Dining Table:  If you have placed any dining table in the kitchen so placed it in west side and for more positive output you can manage it at northwest side also.

These are the common facts by the vastu for the kitchen of a home.  If you follow them, it will be very helpful to grow up in your life and health with the happiness.  But there are some problem you may face at the time of booking of the apartment or flat as may they have not mind about these common things regards of the vastu.  You must ensure and check all the facts before booking the home.

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