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Finding an ideal office space within your pocket

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It is a quite tiring and frustrating process when you go searching for an office space, which comes in your budget. It is harder to find one inside a city-centre location.

Office for rent in Mohali

Office for rent in Mohali

First thing to keep in mind is to estimate the budget and the size you need for your work, before looking to lease office space. If the city has a lot of vacant space available, your chance for negotiating a much cheaper price is high, and vice versa. Moreover, if you are getting only an interior space, it is approximately 15% cheaper than the exterior office space option. When price becomes the most important issue while choosing a new office, you have to be very prudent. If you spend very less, you may not be satisfied with the working or you may have to move out after some time. And, if you spend too much beyond your capacity, you may find it difficult to pay even the rent, in case of a bad business. Hence, both situations are not recommended.

Question one gives you a very broad indication of affordability and asking about hidden costs helps you protect yourself against being stung with charges you didn’t expect. The third question is simply to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Always do a quick comparison with other offices spaces in the area to make sure you’re getting value for money.

jade Business Park , mohali

jade Business Park , mohali


If you are starting your business, or open a showroom with fewer budgets, it is advisable to open one away from city centres. Generally, the cheapest spaces are found away from such cities and towns. Though you find a large crowd in cities, it is difficult to get business until you have a name in your field. In the case of a showroom, people may visit your shop, but may not necessarily become your customer. The present trend shows that your business has to prove an upward movement; only then, you can expect a massive influx of customers into your showroom. Hence, it is advisable for a start-up firm, which has less investment, to open its office away from such expensive space.

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As a part of reducing the expense, you can go for open design for office interior, instead of cabin system to accommodate more employees comfortably. It is desirable to encourage them working from home, which helps in accommodating the others. Later on, when you establish your business empire, you can house all your employees in the office. It is imprudent going for a very expensive office set up, if you do not generate proportionate business.

Before deciding to take an office, you have to think if you want a permanent setup or a temporary one. If it is for a long term process, then you may get the space for rent in a comparatively cheaper rate.

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