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How to design a home in India with waste or recycled material

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In India basic Occupation of people is farming so we called India is an agricultural country. India also famous for its culture and tradition India is a developing country.Economy of India is growing faster in various fields’ agriculture, Information Technology, industries, education and other sectors.

Area wise India is the seventh largest country in the world.There are many states and union territories.India is second populated country of the world near about 1 billion people lives in India.Population, pollution and poverty are the major problem in India.These three things are correlated with each other.If people of India will be aware of these problems then India also become world largest developed country.

Now a day’s population is rises and area of living is decreases. So it is very difficult to survive without home.Value of land and its cost is increases.In India there is all types people are living all have different income of sources some people are rich and poor all have own standard of living.In India peoples are diverted from villages to cities for good education, career growth and want to increase income of earning. There people lives in a society.Here are categories of society like high class, middle class and lower class.

Types of House/ Flats in Mohali Punjab

We have seen many types of homes for living  like bungalows ,house, villa ,apartments , ,mansion ,flats ,tree house, mud house ,cottage, duplex and triplex  and so on.

Rich people lives in big bungalows, villas but generally people lives in single, duplex and triplex houses, apartment and flats in cities and people of village lives in mud house and small houses. In India poor peoples they have no any own house lives in a street or jhuggi jhopri. All of us need to purchase own house for living.But today every person not good financially.


Renovation of own home

In the cities people have his own house two or three storey but they want to renovate because of changing of time.Reasons for renovation is  old home building become  damaging and  looks old  , In place of house they  want to change into flats and apartment.Every person searches the sources of income.

Use of waste material for constructing a home

Building Construction items coming costly in market like bricks, cement, stones and all.If we want to save our money then we save our some amount.But saving some amount is not a big deal for us but if we can reconstruct our home or building then it is more beneficial. Suppose we reconstruct our home that time we get lots of garbage of old broken bricks of building.This garbage we can use for renovation.If room space is not proper labelled by this garbage make a proper label of the ground.Use of this garbage for many ways.For plastering of roof of the building. Some builders can purchase these materials for their use.These are also use for fill the empty space.

We all know that our earth became more pollution day by day and we are doing lots of development in our earth. This is not good for our earth and our life also. When we are making a home we use lots of material as like bricks and cements and all. But may be you know bricks makes from land. and we can save our land , so if you can you must be used recycled brick and makes your home with save your earth.

How To Makes Bricks In India

Do you think any time or any time comes a beautiful question in your mind, what is base work of your flats and what is process that your home comes to looks like this. This all is magic of Bricks and it is comes various size in all around world , some give below

Face brick (house brick) Sizes In Counters 
Standard Imperial Metric
 Australia 9 × 4⅓ × 3 in 230 × 110 × 76 mm
 Denmark 9 × 4¼ × 2¼ in 228 × 108 × 54 mm
 Germany 9 × 4¼ × 2¾ in 240 × 115 × 71 mm
 India 9 × 4¼ × 2¾ in 228 × 107 × 69 mm
 Romania 9 × 4¼ × 2½ in 240 × 115 × 63 mm
 Russia 10 × 4¾ × 2½ in 250 × 120 × 65 mm
 South Africa 8¾ × 4 × 3 in 222 × 106 × 73 mm
 Sweden 10 × 4¾ × 2½ in 250 × 120 × 62 mm
 United Kingdom 8½ × 4 × 2½ in 215 × 102.5 × 65 mm
 United States 7⅝ × 3⅝ × 2¼ in 194 × 92 × 57 mm

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