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Well Designed Showroom is the Key to Success

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Well designed showroom is key to success because The showroom that you choose has a lot to do with the future of your business and contentment of your clientele. A well-thought design of the showroom leaves an entirely different impact on people which any online outlet can never do.

I personally like to explore, travel and learn from whatever comes across. Last week, I was walking around in the mall when I came across a beautifully adorned showroom and don’t know why but couldn’t resist myself to enter inside. From the exteriors of showroom, it was evident that the shop deals in sort of astrology and spiritual products. Finally, I entered inside the showroom. Let me tell you, I felt a whole new energy in myself and it seemed like I am surrounded by utmost positive.Showrroms For sale in Mohali

It was due to the alluring fragrance inside. The fragrance was coming out of incense stick. Another great thing that filled positivist in me was the music. Yes, soothing music(chanting of some mantras)  was being played on. Then, there were precisely placed products. Not to forget, the description of every product was written briefly to explain the purpose and directions to use. For instance, there were different aromatic bottles made of essential oils such as lavender, citrus, peppermint and sandalwood.

Each aroma had a specific purpose. Suppose, if there’s a cinnamon aroma placed on the shelf,  you will find a paper attached to it saying that cinnamon leaf is for prosperity and should be kept in the room. What a great way to bring clarity. Right?

Similarly, I have carved out some important points which will assist you if you’re looking to buy a showroom or looking to refurbish your existing showroom.

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Note Some Points Before Buy Showrooms

  1. Ensure ample space for customers
  2. Provide your customers with convenient shopping
  3. Train your staff effectively
  4. Awe-struck displays at some focal points


  • Ensure ample space for customers

Ensuring ample room for customers in your showroom so that they can touch and feel the products results in the satisfaction of customers. This is true in case of every kind of showroom. A smooth passage is important. If visitors or prospective customers are not able to walk smoothly through the aisles, there’s no point they can think of buying any product since their energy will be confined to reaching the right department.  Let the visitors walk through! Let them enjoy!

  • Provide your customers with convenient shopping

To provide your prospective customers with convenient shopping experience, make sure to give directions to them in the right way with right signs and symbols. Not finding the exact product one is looking for leads to wastage of his/her time which often results in frustration. Put proper display boards or instruct your staff to be efficient in helping out customers.

  • Train your staff effectively

A smiling face can go a long way in making lifetime customers. Conduct meetings or properly train your employees on how they can greet the customers and effectively help them out. A diligent staff member can save customers valuable time.

  • Awe-struck displays at some focal points

This is a right trick to keep the customers engaged in showroom. Let them come and check out new and appealing products. For this, make some focal points inside your showroom and adorn them in right manner.

In case, you’re looking to buy a brand new showroom, location and reputation of your real estate developer are the other two most significant things that you can’t afford to miss upon. These days, Mohali is topping the list of most preferred locations of Northern region due to certain reasons such as luxurious lifestyle, corporate development, IT hub, city’s close proximity to Chandigarh, Zirakpur and Panchkula and availability of reliable and aware real estate developers.

Right now, there’s a showroom for sale in Mohali in Jade Business Park. Investing in this project by Mona Townships Pvt Ltd is definitely going to reap you great results in future since the showroom is well planned and designed after considering all the significant factors.

Changes in The Indian Real Estate Sector Over the Past Decade

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India has been witnessing a considerable change in the real estate sector over the past decade, owing to the opening up of this sector to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2005. This FDI commenced the entry of new vistas for funding and capital inflows, which had only a restricted scope till 2004. This move played as remarkable factor in further increasing the fundamental growth in various sectors.

The contribution of the real estate sector to India’s gross domestic product (GDP) has been estimated to be over 6% and the segment is expected to generate millions of job. The housing segment contributes roughly 5%–6% of the country’s GDP; at the same time, the retail, hospitality and commercial subsectors have also grown incessantly, meeting the escalating infrastructural requirements.

During this time period (2005-2015), the country noticed a titanic shift in the residential and commercial concepts. In the case of housing segment, we moved from independent low-rise villas and houses to high-rise apartment complexes. As a massive influx of people happened towards bigger towns and cities due to higher employment opportunities, ‘accommodating all’ became the need of the hour. In the commercial sector, traditional family-oriented business gave way to modern private and corporate sector, and thus gave rise to investment-based office space. These changes stayed as the cornerstone in the evolution of an organised real estate sector in India since 2005.

This period has also observed the rising popularity of shopping malls and a declining trend in street sales. As more people started purchasing from malls, the square feet for the office space too has increased almost five times.

Though the sales in residential property declined in 2013, the introduction of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) does have a positive impact on the retail market segment. Despite global concerns and economic uncertainty, Indian economy has been performing immensely well, and hence, the retail real estate market appears to be propitious. The recent easing of the norms for FDI in multi-brand retail has already attracted a lot of global retailers.

Changing Face of Real Estate in India

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Presently, India is the fastest growing economy with 7.5% growth, when most of the global economies are exhibiting a slowdown. Hence, with the largest youth population, India is projected to be running the race, overtaking all the emerging economies at least for the coming fifteen years. But, with a huge number of people without basic facilities, it announces the importance of embracing them also into the clutch.

The Indian real estate market indeed has a vital role in opening up the future avenue for the country’s economy. As a large population sleeps on streets and many stay without proper accommodation, the construction sector would be the one that has the potential to drive India a developed country. Blessed with a handsome number of working population, we can concentrate on the construction and related real estate sector. Regarding employment generation, real estate stands second to agriculture. Moreover, the other linked industries like steel, cement and brick, transport etc. are significantly getting benefited by this growth. Roughly, 5% of India’s GDP is being contributed by this sector, and it is estimated to touch 6% in the coming five years. Due to all these positive features, it is highly potent to pull more foreign investments.

Mona City-Central View

When all the developed countries have reached saturation point with well-built housing complexes and office site, there is not much scope for real estate boom in such countries. But, in India, considering its vast land area and huge population, the high possibility of this sector makes us think about its importance in the topical scenario, and we all have to run the marathon to get the trophy.

For tapping the sumptuous working human resource, most of the multinational companies are fixing their foot in India. Hence, a lot of IT based and other official complexes are expected to grow exponentially. Moreover, India is moving towards an organized retail culture, unlike previous days. This requires additional land space. Real estate companies can meticulously utilize the space for the construction of these. Now, for achieving all these, Indian real estate markets are declaring its presence in tier-1 and tier-2 cities also. Almost 80% of the real estate market in India occupies residences, and the remaining is covered by offices, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and other public spaces.

Now, the real estate companies could also take part in the government’s initiative of accommodating all within four walls by 2022, Housing For All project, thereby making the job easier for the government. With the new government’s policies, the market price of houses and flats has come down, which has become an attractive factor for the buyers to come forward. With the relaxed tenets in the policies, buyers are feeling more secured and confident, regarding registration and other processes.

It is estimated that by 2030, approximately 600 million people will live in the cities. Therefore, affordable housing has become a huge demand. But, the industry has a large gap to meet. Taking the demand and the current infrastructure into consideration, real estate sector has a titanic job to accomplish.

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India, a treasure island in real estate market

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The real estate market is booming day by day than ever. People show a particular kind of interest in dumping their money in real estate. Though there are several options for investment, property stays as their first preference. As it is flourishing every day, more investors are coming forward to find their fortune in real estate to obtain capital profit and regular cash flow.

green home in mohali

As per a recent report released by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) Pvt Ltd, India is favored among other nations in the Asia Pacific in the real estate market. Keeping in view of India’s track record with an almost consistent economy, which is not much affected by the global market fluctuations, most of the foreign investors find it lucrative to bank their money in real estate sector. Strong growth, reform push, stable currency etc. too add up to the story.

In just last one year, overseas fund has amounted around 50% of total investment in India. Year after year, the tendency of foreigners to invest in Indian economy is escalating. This can be attributed to some of the favorable and liberal measures adopted by the government in the recent past. For example, reducing minimum size of built-up areas in foreign direct investment linked real estate projects to 20000 sq.m from its earlier requirement of 50000 sq.m. This has become an attracting factor for the foreign money to flow into Indian peninsula. A fair knowledge in Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and Income Tax Act will help Non Resident Indians in taking intelligent decision in making real estate investment, taking into consideration of the laws that affect the respective sector.

There are various benefits attached to investing in real estate like leverage, appreciation, tax benefits and capital growth. When looking at the advantage of renting or buying a flat, many people prefer buying an apartment as it can increase the net profit through appreciation. Like residential area, demand for industrial plots too has increased in the recent past in India. This mentality has been meticulously utilized by many real estate companies like Mona Townships in Mohali, by providing commercial spaces.

The organized real estate scenario in the country helped in attracting more FDI inside. When major economies are displaying a slower growth, India, with its exceptional performance, is perceived as a bright spot, pulls most of the investors into its clutch. Moreover, it is less vulnerable to currency shocks and has adequate foreign reserves. All these factors made foreign investment to flow into India.

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