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Process of Home Repayment- Mohali

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Process of Home repayment in Mohali , you must understand that When you are planning to buy a house, it is very important to choose the right mode of payment, the most difficult part in buying the house is the payment plan, because of which investors back out from purchasing a house. Whenever you are planning to buy  identified property in Mohali  it is very important to discuss the various modes of payment with the builder and understand them very carefully to avoid any further confusion after you bought the house. In India the popular modes of payments are:-

Road of Mona City Project

  • Down payment plan.
  • Construction linked payment plan.
  • Felix payment plan.
  • Time linked payment plan.

Let`s analyse these plans in details

Down payment plan:- Under this plan generally to have to submit 10% of the total amount at the time of booking, 80% payment within the next 60 days and the remaining amount at the time of possession, however the thing to keep in mind here is that when you are making the final payment it is not just the remaining amount you have to pay but also 5% of the total amount as stamp duty for registration, property taxes, society maintenance charges, club house charges, parking charges any other charges applicable and payable at the time of possession.

Construction linked plan:-

Under this plan at the time of booking you have to pay 10% to 12% of the total amount, rest is payable in different stages which is linked to different stages of construction, the moment construction reaches a particular stage you will get a demand note for payment generally it is around 20%. This plan is beneficial because it is linked to the performance of the devloper however the loan gets a bit costlier simply because till the time you get the final possession of your house you only have to pay the interest of the loan amount and the actual repayment starts only after possession hence the term of the loan gets longer and becomes expensive.

Flexi payment plan:-

This plan is a combination of the both Down payment and construction linked plan, under this the buyer needs to make one third payment of the total amount and the rest is paid according to different stages of construction, the remaining amount is paid at the time of possession.

Time linked payment plan: –

Under this plan bank loan is taken and payment made according to a specified time and made proportionately, however the biggest risk here is that if there is delay in possession of the house, it affects your repayment plan in this scenario it is important to calculate how much interest you will further incur and how much can you save.

It is imperative that you do not invest in any property without properly studying various payment options, prepare yourself beforehand on down payment, EMI, possession date given by the builder and you will end up making a smart deal.


Changes in The Indian Real Estate Sector Over the Past Decade

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India has been witnessing a considerable change in the real estate sector over the past decade, owing to the opening up of this sector to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2005. This FDI commenced the entry of new vistas for funding and capital inflows, which had only a restricted scope till 2004. This move played as remarkable factor in further increasing the fundamental growth in various sectors.

The contribution of the real estate sector to India’s gross domestic product (GDP) has been estimated to be over 6% and the segment is expected to generate millions of job. The housing segment contributes roughly 5%–6% of the country’s GDP; at the same time, the retail, hospitality and commercial subsectors have also grown incessantly, meeting the escalating infrastructural requirements.

During this time period (2005-2015), the country noticed a titanic shift in the residential and commercial concepts. In the case of housing segment, we moved from independent low-rise villas and houses to high-rise apartment complexes. As a massive influx of people happened towards bigger towns and cities due to higher employment opportunities, ‘accommodating all’ became the need of the hour. In the commercial sector, traditional family-oriented business gave way to modern private and corporate sector, and thus gave rise to investment-based office space. These changes stayed as the cornerstone in the evolution of an organised real estate sector in India since 2005.

This period has also observed the rising popularity of shopping malls and a declining trend in street sales. As more people started purchasing from malls, the square feet for the office space too has increased almost five times.

Though the sales in residential property declined in 2013, the introduction of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) does have a positive impact on the retail market segment. Despite global concerns and economic uncertainty, Indian economy has been performing immensely well, and hence, the retail real estate market appears to be propitious. The recent easing of the norms for FDI in multi-brand retail has already attracted a lot of global retailers.

Housing ministry sets tougher builder norms

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property in mohali

Property in Mohali

People waiting to get possession of their houses may get is sooner than expected, the housing ministry went ahead and said okay to tougher builder norms and accepted the parliamentary committee recommendation on the real estate bill that prohibits developers from diverting more than 50% of money collecting from the buyer to other projects.

The ministry also said that the panel recommendation to empower the state governments to impose stricter guidelines for the developers and see that the developers are not going against the norms, the housing ministry has accepted and agreed to all the recommendations made by the panel, comprised of 21- member select Rajya Sabha committee.

The ministry will go to the cabinet very shortly to the cabinet to get the changes approved so that the bill is presented in the parliament in the winter session. One important recommendation that was accepted is a provision that all projects over 500 sq mt must be registered with the proposed real estate regulator. Earlier the provision was for 1000 sq mt. The interest rate paid by the developer in case of default however stays the same. Real Estate observers and experts feel that these recommendations will go a long way to protect the home buyer`s interest and will further give a boost to the industry and encourage investments.

The government in turn will have to see that the projects are not stuck up in red tape and there are no unnecessary harassment and delay for the developer. This bill which was in cold storage since 2009 covers both residential and commercial projects and there is also a proposal to set up a real estate regulator. Developers will have to submit all the details of their projects like plans, project delivery time schedule, and status of all the mandatory approvals required etc.

If the developer fails to comply with these guidelines there would be a penalty of 10% of the total cost of the project. If the developer violates these guidelines again there would be again a penalty of 10% of the project cost and there could be a jail sentence for the developer.

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REIT Can Change Market ?

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Lankness of capital is very problem in real estate and it is one way that we can remove this big problem, it is REIT means Real estate Investment trust. This type of projects helps your funding issue in commercial project and as well as investments too. Lots of real estate market expert  will thing about this is good in India or not.

REIT Investment in India

REIT Investment in India

In 2014 Finance minister Mr. Arun approved this project. Because in India lots of small business ruining there and they want to grow in there sector but the lankness of money or capital they can not do any things.  And India have biggest young mans , they can do very best for his country but they need a chance and they want a capital from stated this business. In real estate all matter of Capital and REIT remove your problems.



REIT like nectar for real estate. And it is control black money in real estate. 

REIT Very successful in America, and it is established in 1960.

What is effect   of REIT?

Main effect of REIT may be commercial property get down in rate. And you can buy your office space with best rate.

Travel And Tour Around Mohali

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One of the prime reasons that keep humans involved with the universe. If it wouldn’t have had been for traveling the sole purpose of the universe will cease to exist. They give us reasons to explore a whole new dimensions of reality be it a new place, experiencing new culture and people comprehending lives in various forms. One can’t always be get along with the monotony schedule of life. Change is always welcome and it is as imperative as we need to earn money for our living. The importance of change once in a while in our daily routine is culminated with lots of benefits. Monotony schedule may lead to frustrations and then they only take a toll over your work life and personal life.

Both of them are directly proportional to each other one is affected the other begins to have its own set of side-effects. Both of these hold prime importance in the lives of human beings. It has been tried and tested that thoughts define the personality of human beings and if thoughts are not moving in the right direction then they take a massive toll affecting your mindset as a result affecting your work-life and personal life. The more refined the thought is the better the personality. That is why once in a while it is highly recommended that taking a break from the monotony schedule which is considered a healthy step towards yourself and your lifestyle.

Travel And Tour Around Mohali

Chapar Chiri , Mohali

For tourist place in mohali Click Here.


Travel may not always mean that one needs to go on a vacation. There are times when work call to gorge over the the clients needs. There are times when we have go to meet our relatives. Sometimes for wedding and there are just thousands of reasons involved behind traveling. The mediums used for traveling also a huge impact on the moods of a traveler. There are many who are not comfortable with open skies some are prone to seasickness so they hate traveling via water. Many people have their own reasoning. There are many modes to travel via flights, on road, via sea. Not every place can have accessible to all kind of routes. Mohali has access to all the modes except the sea. Railways which is just 21.1kms with thirty five minutes drive from the J90 complex. This is very good if your commercial property.

Traveling via trains have its own charm and best if traveled with family. All of them are gathered together in one cabin, this is the time when they get along with each other endlessly. Get over a long over due chat that was missed all due to the long working hours and tight schedules. If travelling alone, the other families too make a great companion. Its a comfortable journey where you can sleep, relax and get over a chat. However, the trains from Mohali runs through Chandigarh.

The trains running from Chandigarh which is only 21.1 km from the complex.

As seen in the chart there are many places from Chandigarh itself which has a direct connectivity to many hill station and other prominent cities all over India. These connectivity have a huge impact for the residents living in Mohali. For business people who would like to visit the cities for their Business Transactions the Chandigarh trains connects itself to many other cities.

Lets have an exhaustive list of the many cities and states that the Chandigarh station is connected to and a brief about the city.

  • Dibrugarh known as the tea city of India is located in Assam

  • Varanasi also known as Benares is the Indian city on the banks of Ganga is located in Uttar Pradesh

  • The capital city of India, Delhi

  • Madgaon also MAO is Goa

  • Amritsar in Punjab also known as Ramdaspur

  • Ajmer is the 5th Largest city in Rajasthan

  • Allahabad also known as Prayag and Ilahabad in Uttar Pradesh

  • Trivandrum also known as Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of the state Kerala

  • Madurai is the major city in the state Tamil Nadu

  • Formerly known as Bombay now Mumbai the capital city of Maharashtra

  • Una although in Himachal Pradesh but is located in Punjab region of Indian sub-continent

  • Shri Ganganagar is the planned city of Rajasthan state

  • Kalka situated in Panchkula district, Haryana. The name is derived from the goddess Kali.

  • Ramnagar is a small town in Nainital district of Uttarakhand

  • Haridwar is an ancient city situated in Uttarakhand

  • Howrah known as the Industrial city in West Bengal

  • Kolkata formerly called Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal

As seen from the list above the train connects itself to the North, the South, the West and the East of India. It is covering almost all the states of India. One looking to go on for a pilgrimage to Haridwar or even towards the south, the trains are directly connected to the specific place. Making the lives of the worshipers a cake walk. Families longing to travel, Himachal Pradesh is the most sought after place for vacation because this state is known for its hill stations like Shimla, Dalhousie, Mcleodganj, Kufri, Khajjiar, Chail, Rohtang Pass, Kullu, Manali amongst others. At one go there are so many hill stations that are names. Moreover the states Punjab and Himachal Pradesh are connected so the families looking for a vacation at the hill station won’t have the need to wonder around. Working men and friends looking to vacation during the extended weekends there can be just no better option for the people living in Mohali. The Hills station it seems is just next door. Impromptu Trips to the hills station too can be planned for they are not very far away.

Real Estate Builder Towards Nature & Economy

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Real Estate Builder are Businessman Who Obtain Land. Prepare That Land for Development and Manage the Construction Process. After Completion of  Development Process they Negotiating with People for Sale their product. Throughout  all this process Nature is Affected By Many Different Reasons . Which Introduce Unbalanced Nature For Example in India There are Mainly Three Season Which are Summer , Rain and Winter. this season are Divided in Three Slot According to Month of Year. From Past Few Years  Time Schedule of Raining Season is Changed in India Because of Pollution. Real Estate Sector is also Responsible for These Factor.

mohali flats green home

 In Present Years There are Availability of Land in Urban City is decreasing. Because of These Reason Land Developer Purchasing Agricultural Based Land or Forest Land Near City  From Government and Owner of Land. After Purchase They Develop Those Land for Different Purpose e.g. Commercial/Residential Society.  Because of Development , There are a Few Number of Forest are Remaining in India so in Result Pollution is Increasing . To Maintain Green and Clean Nature Land Developer Develop Park , Garden , Small Zoo Around Their Project. This Effective Step Has Taken as Responsibility by Real Estate Developer and They Sincerely Applying This Step. But we saw that builders in Mohali trying to keep clean earth and pollution for this they are plants lots of tree for greens and beautiful earth.

                      Now We Comes to Responsibility of Real Estate Developer Towards Economy. Real Estate Play Important Role in Modern Indian Economy. It is Integral Part of Indian Economy and Shared 6.3% in GDP of Indian Economy in Year 2012  According to CREDAI. This Sector Generate Millions Job Opportunity Across India Which also Help the Government to Decrease Unemployment in India. Large Revenue Comes to Indian Government as Taxes From This Sector, Which is Good For Government as well as Economy. Through These Revenue Government Investing in Different Sector to Increase Growth of Country. So Conclusion is Real Estate Developers of India Sincerely Doing their Responsibility towards Nation , Nature and Economy.

Real estate  in Mohali is best option for this is Mona City.

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