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Comparisons between Independent Floors and Flats

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The big question that comes to your mind as a consumer planning to invest in a property, what should I buy? Independent floor, Flat or a plot, we will try and understand the pros and cons of flats and floor. If you are planning to buy a floor or a flat the configuration of the property must be considered and whether it fits your budget and family, typically in India you will find 2 BHK, 3BHK, BHK, 5BHK, and so on. A major portion of investment goes to flats in a high rise residential complex as facilities like security, gymnasium, swimming pool are already in place, however if you buy an independent floor you have to take care of all these facilities yourself, however the flip side to this is that if you purchase a floor you can customize the same according to your liking and budget.

Independence Floor and Flats

Reasons for buying a Flat – 

Real Estate sector in India offers unlimited range of residential accommodations and flats are the most popular form of residential property. Consumers in India like to invest in apartments in high rise residential towers. The reasons for high demand in flats are many.

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  • Costing– Cost of flats are much lower than floors or plots
  • Security – Residential Apartments in a high rise tower is equipped with proper security arrangements to provide its residents with a protective environment.
  • Maintenance – Maintenance of the residential complex if you purchase a flat in high rise tower is not your problem, it comes under the complex association, all you have to do is to pay a maintenance amount and enjoy the amenities offered by the complex.

Reasons for buying a floor – Buying a floor is better for those who want to customize the floor according to their own taste, you have all the freedom to restructure the whole shape according to your wishes, a flat will not give you this freedom, you could work on the interiors but you cannot tamper with the original structure of the flat. Also if you opt for a ground floor then you can have a courtyard which you rarely find in a flat.

These are some of the reasons that you should consider before buying any property whether floor or flat, these are personal choices. Whether you buy a flat or a floor you should make sure that it offers you everything that you are looking for in your dream abode.

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