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India, a treasure island in real estate market

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The real estate market is booming day by day than ever. People show a particular kind of interest in dumping their money in real estate. Though there are several options for investment, property stays as their first preference. As it is flourishing every day, more investors are coming forward to find their fortune in real estate to obtain capital profit and regular cash flow.

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As per a recent report released by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) Pvt Ltd, India is favored among other nations in the Asia Pacific in the real estate market. Keeping in view of India’s track record with an almost consistent economy, which is not much affected by the global market fluctuations, most of the foreign investors find it lucrative to bank their money in real estate sector. Strong growth, reform push, stable currency etc. too add up to the story.

In just last one year, overseas fund has amounted around 50% of total investment in India. Year after year, the tendency of foreigners to invest in Indian economy is escalating. This can be attributed to some of the favorable and liberal measures adopted by the government in the recent past. For example, reducing minimum size of built-up areas in foreign direct investment linked real estate projects to 20000 sq.m from its earlier requirement of 50000 sq.m. This has become an attracting factor for the foreign money to flow into Indian peninsula. A fair knowledge in Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and Income Tax Act will help Non Resident Indians in taking intelligent decision in making real estate investment, taking into consideration of the laws that affect the respective sector.

There are various benefits attached to investing in real estate like leverage, appreciation, tax benefits and capital growth. When looking at the advantage of renting or buying a flat, many people prefer buying an apartment as it can increase the net profit through appreciation. Like residential area, demand for industrial plots too has increased in the recent past in India. This mentality has been meticulously utilized by many real estate companies like Mona Townships in Mohali, by providing commercial spaces.

The organized real estate scenario in the country helped in attracting more FDI inside. When major economies are displaying a slower growth, India, with its exceptional performance, is perceived as a bright spot, pulls most of the investors into its clutch. Moreover, it is less vulnerable to currency shocks and has adequate foreign reserves. All these factors made foreign investment to flow into India.

Things to check when investing in a retail space

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Retail office spaces are advertised as a wonderful investment opportunity, with most of them assuring guaranteed returns. However if you are planning to invest in a retail space whether office or shops there are few things that you need to take care of before you actually invest.

The important question here to ask is how good the retail realty sector is in India? The answer to this is that the development of this segment is directly linked to the development of the retail industry. It is estimated that the retail sector is to grow by 20% and expected to bring in revenues to the tune of Rs 30 Lakh crore, again with the economic growth back on track it is estimated that retail sector will grow further in big cities then slowly move towards tier II and tier III cities subsequently, by 2016 the retail industry is expected to grow rapidly, there are challenges however in the growth story, the primary challenge is the sudden boom of online portals. With the advent of online portal and these portals offering products at your doorsteps at competitive prices have brought the sales volumes down of most of the leading stores in malls all around the country.

Despite this bottlenecks commercial real estate that includes retail spaces too have picked up in 2015 and some major corporates are coming forward to invest in commercial real estate which is a healthy sign for the investors. Retail space whether it is office space for rent in Mohali or shops is a long term asset which will appreciate considerably as trends show, however unlike residential sector the dynamics of the retail sector is slightly different, for example if you are planning to invest in a mall a number of factors needs to be taken into account, like location, designing of the mall, the developer`s reputation, developer`s track record etc. The location of your office space within the mall is also important, ground floor and first floor yield maximum returns over office spaces on upper floors.

With the government seriously focussing on the development of real estate industry as a whole, commercial real estate has shown the first signs of recovery, so this could be the right time for you invest in an office space or shop, plus investing now keeping the long term horizon in your mind can fetch you good returns in the future.

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