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Why to buy identified Property

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Why to buy identified property , it is very common but important question from all buyer. Prepare yourself for the new land of dreams called Mohali. Where it has been not too far off when the property  made the marks in the news to be one of the hottest property investment areas for any reputed builder in India, the government departments are yet to give you a value for your money if you had invested in here.

The new updation sealing of unauthorized property developments to give way to the more social and responsible forms of development in the city are up on the cards for the government agencies. Better infrastructure, cleaner air, beautiful surroundings and more on your way if you are in close to not just Chandigarh but in Mohali too.

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Being recently on the main road that connects from the Banur Road to Patiala Zirakpur road, the 8 lane maestro that also gives way to the international airport of Mohali is yet another milestone that was achieved recently, treat to watch.

Recently the high rise and other planned societies in the town have started getting occupancies more and more and started carving the way to the demand of better facilities for the same. Out of the many requirements, easy movement from one place to the other was one of the major one. With the city getting populated, there is more space organization that is required from civil authorities.  Cutting loose the whip on those who had unauthorized occupancies, are now being addressed. Other sorts of unauthorized constructions are also being noticed with a keen eye by the authorities at the same time.



The recent drive of the Mohali civil authorities to seal the unauthorized constructions and possession is a positive vibe in the air. Though it is a source of big tension for those whole properties have been affected, it is better for the overall development of the society and a better value for money for those who have kept abiding the law. The drive to seal the unprecedented expansions are running currently all over the city of Mohali/ Ajitgarh with a higher percentage in the key areas of the city including the central, East and North of the city. The areas adjacent to Chandigarh are still a priority to be developed further in a more precedential manner. More open space, great amount of vegetation, greener drives, non polluting vehicles and industries, cleaner surroundings, healthier food are up on the charts of the authorities to standardize for not just the ones who are already staying up there in the city already, but for those who plan to upgrade themselves for a better living from more remote areas from Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Every year there are thousands of youth who plan for higher studies in Chandigarh and Mohali, later try to settle down here. It is a good scope for them to have settled here.

With the recent drive of sealing of unauthorized construction has not just put a major stop to the unsocial elements but also made a considerable change in the mindsets of those builders or personal household developers that they should be further more cautious to abide by the laws of the city. With the hope and thanks to the authorities to take a keen step towards the same at the right time is most welcomed by the responsible and social elements of the society for a better tomorrow for everyone.

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