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Buy your first Home For Save Your More Income Tax

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Buying a new house/apartment for a first time buyer is difficult but it is a profitable step. Now a simple but important question that engenders is, how will it be profitable? To know about this, first we need to have some knowledge about the Indian taxation system. Indian taxation system has big structure with large number of protocols and different sections. To know every protocol/rule is impossible for the common working people. So here we are describing few sections of taxation system which will give you some idea about how buying a home is a profitable step. Before going to taxation section we have to understand the word “Income tax”.

buy home for tax save

Income tax: Income tax is a tax which is directly gathered on personal income. India has well developed tax structure with shared authority of central & state government. Indian government gathers taxes on income except agricultural income which is collected by the state government. If a person earns an income then he/she will pay tax under the following category:

  • Income from salary
  • Income from business
  • Income from house or property
  • Income from other sources.

Section 80C, 80CCC and 80CCD:

About the section which is helpful to save tax, Section 80c, 80ccc and 80ccd are three sections that are very useful but 80c is the most important section. Section 80c allows deduction on your gross total income. These deductions are available to an individual. This deduction is allowed for various deduction and payments. Total limit cannot be exceeding 1.5 lakh for financial year 2015-16 under section 80C, 80CCC and 80CCD. Now coming to Section 80CCC, it allows deduction for any amount paid /deposit in insurance sector/companies or purchasing security bonds. 80CCD allows deduction in respect of contribution in pension account.

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Above is a simple explanation of how to benefit from income tax but here is an explaintion how buying home will help you save tax. We all know that in India every working class family buying home avails a home loan facility, which is provided by various banks under different interest rates. Income tax benefit under home loan scheme comes under different section of Income tax Act. To explain tax benefit under home loan, we would be dividing the repayment of home loan into two parts which are as following:

1: Repayment of the actual amount.

2: Repayment of interest on home loan.

Tax benefit on home loan is governed by section 80c, section 24 and section 80EE. We are describing few details about these sections.

Section 80C: it will give benefit on repayment of principal amount of home loan in current financial year. If a person pays some part of principal amount of loan to bank then taxation policy allows him/her relaxation on income tax(limit 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh).

Section 24: this section will give benefit on repayment of interest on home loan. This deduction is allowed under income from house/property category. We all know that a bank always takes interest on every loan. Income from house/property shall be reduced by amount of interest paid on home loan but here some contradiction in section 24. Section 24 especially states that tax deduction on repayment of interest on home loan shall not be allowed before construction of property/house is complete.
Section 80EE: this section is helpful for the first time buyers. This section states that additional tax deduction of 1 lakh rupees to first time home buyers in respect of interest on home loan. Home loan does not exceed 25 lakhs and value of your buying property does not exceed 40 lakhs.

Most often people buy a home using the home loan facility. We all know every working person wants to save tax. There are many way to save tax but buying home with home loan is one of the best ways to save tax. There are two types of profit while buying home.

1: Buyer has own home

2: Tax benefit under home loan facility.

Buy Home For Tax Save

This facility is little more beneficial for first time buyer as compared to the second time buyer. The reason behind this factor is section 80EE. Section 80EE is available only for first time buyers. However the second time buyers need not worry as much as it is a marginal difference on profit. So buying a home using loan facility is a smart choice to save money. In India, a house is the biggest purchase for most families in their lifetime and government realizes that. Government has decided to give some relief to working class family during their tax payment so they are doing many amendments on taxation policy in every financial year continuously to provide some relaxation. To understand how a tax payer gets benefit on home loan, we take an example in four-different conditions:

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Loan and Possession of home in same financial year.

Loan now and possession of home later.

Borrower and Owner are different.

During Loan Period Home is given out in rent.

1: Loan and Possession of home in same financial year

Meaning of above statement is that if you took loan and got the possession of the home in the same year. You can take tax benefit on section 80c, section 24 and section 80EE (applicable for first time buyer).

2: Loan now and possession of home later

Meaning of above statement is that if you took loan and got the possession in the next year or later, i.e. taking loan before completion of home construction. In the pre-position period, borrower can claim tax rebate under section 80C and section 80EE(applicable for first time buyer). Section 24 is not applicable before possession. Once borrower takes the possession of house, he/she can claim rebate of pre-possession period in five equal installments subject to condition of pre-possession claim.

3: Borrower and Owner are different

If a person took a loan for another person, either a relative etc, in this condition borrower will not be able to get benefit in tax.

4: During Loan Period Home is given out in rent

It is an important concern for many borrowers who cannot live in their home because of any reason. So they don’t have to worry about it. Still they can apply for relaxation during tax payment.

The above information is only general information provided to you to take the benefits of various tax benefits however we do not take responsibility of any in correct information. It is advised that you take a decision after meeting your chartered accountant or the tax authority.

For More Info Visit : Income Tax Department of India

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