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Best Real Estate Company – MTPL

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Mohali we all know that name by many  reason , a sport person know for Cricket stadium and a business man know for good investment purpose city and may be your kids know that place for tourist sport. It is story of Mohali and you all know that. If you from Mohali then you must be know about MTPL Group, best real estate company in Mohali, i am saying this just because it is my own experiences. When i was travelling in Punjab and i want to see some good place in Mohali and Zirakpur area. For that i booked OLA cabs  and my cab driver play some FM and i heart about MTPL Group on FM and when i was entered in Mohali area then find lots of poster about MTPL Group then i ask to my driver about this company and they told me ki unka head office Delhi me hai.

MTPL Builder Logo

MTPL Builder Logo

In few year Mohali is so changed and now this city trying to make good value not only in Punjab but all over India. Now these days it is famous for so many builder and so much constriction going on In every side of Mohali. Most of person love to the city because design of this city is so beautiful and you see that most of area divided in to sector and all sector cross to each other so that transport of this city is too good. Most of city in our country facing the big problem that is traffic jam. So you can save your lots of time in Mohali.

side view of J90

Because of some good quality most builder India and other country build their project in Mohali , Emmar is one of them, it is one of the big real estate company of word. They are making Burj khlifa , word highest building on this plan-ate.

In Mohali most of the person want to  so that they are trying to search good flat with good location and good price. Then you must be go with Mona Townships office or you can call him on their toll free number . Now MTPL have more than two projects ready to move one in Zirakpur that is one VIP road where you have so much option about all type of flats and apartment as like you can book 2 BHK, 3 bedroom set or 4 bedroom bedroom set with best price.



Foreseen Mohali After 5 Years

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Mohali, example of beautiful and clean city. And the best part of this city, well design map of roads. After plane of smart city may be Mohali city comes more beautiful.

Now a days Mohali on top speed on contraction and lots of offices and apartments build day by day. And here demands too. Mohali city growing now with full flow. Best part of this city has , it is very good and great assemble when city was making so it is not only the beautiful but they are very good too. So lots of people want to stay in Mohali and they are searching for some good flats and they want to buy from one of the best builder or developer company in Mohali , who build and give possession on their project on time. Because it is not save clients time , it is save projects costing as well.

Mohali after 5 Yearsconstruction in mohali

Mohali may be comes in the list of beautiful city of India. Because design of the city are very beautiful and when you saw the beautiful city, last months i was in Mohali and i love to saw the beauty of the city. In Mohali you will see most of the road have two lane and they design very well so that you can not face traffic in any part of Mohali and near by area.  After 5 year Mohali may be hub of Punjab city and they are know as very busy city of Punjab.

Now a days Mohali is address of so many major builder  as like Emmar Group who build world tallest building of earth. And many other name as like JLPL , DLF, Omax and many more.

Real estate on boom at Mohali and it is giving lots of jobs in city so unemployment not grow in city. It is very good for the people of Mohali , he got job in own city. Now a days most of people came in all major city like Delhi, Mumbai and Benguluru of Jobs. Just because of they have no option for job in their own city.  So if you are living in Punjab then do not wary about it , you are not famous only or farmer role only after few years you are counting as top city of India.

Well Designed Showroom is the Key to Success

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Well designed showroom is key to success because The showroom that you choose has a lot to do with the future of your business and contentment of your clientele. A well-thought design of the showroom leaves an entirely different impact on people which any online outlet can never do.

I personally like to explore, travel and learn from whatever comes across. Last week, I was walking around in the mall when I came across a beautifully adorned showroom and don’t know why but couldn’t resist myself to enter inside. From the exteriors of showroom, it was evident that the shop deals in sort of astrology and spiritual products. Finally, I entered inside the showroom. Let me tell you, I felt a whole new energy in myself and it seemed like I am surrounded by utmost positive.Showrroms For sale in Mohali

It was due to the alluring fragrance inside. The fragrance was coming out of incense stick. Another great thing that filled positivist in me was the music. Yes, soothing music(chanting of some mantras)  was being played on. Then, there were precisely placed products. Not to forget, the description of every product was written briefly to explain the purpose and directions to use. For instance, there were different aromatic bottles made of essential oils such as lavender, citrus, peppermint and sandalwood.

Each aroma had a specific purpose. Suppose, if there’s a cinnamon aroma placed on the shelf,  you will find a paper attached to it saying that cinnamon leaf is for prosperity and should be kept in the room. What a great way to bring clarity. Right?

Similarly, I have carved out some important points which will assist you if you’re looking to buy a showroom or looking to refurbish your existing showroom.

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Note Some Points Before Buy Showrooms

  1. Ensure ample space for customers
  2. Provide your customers with convenient shopping
  3. Train your staff effectively
  4. Awe-struck displays at some focal points


  • Ensure ample space for customers

Ensuring ample room for customers in your showroom so that they can touch and feel the products results in the satisfaction of customers. This is true in case of every kind of showroom. A smooth passage is important. If visitors or prospective customers are not able to walk smoothly through the aisles, there’s no point they can think of buying any product since their energy will be confined to reaching the right department.  Let the visitors walk through! Let them enjoy!

  • Provide your customers with convenient shopping

To provide your prospective customers with convenient shopping experience, make sure to give directions to them in the right way with right signs and symbols. Not finding the exact product one is looking for leads to wastage of his/her time which often results in frustration. Put proper display boards or instruct your staff to be efficient in helping out customers.

  • Train your staff effectively

A smiling face can go a long way in making lifetime customers. Conduct meetings or properly train your employees on how they can greet the customers and effectively help them out. A diligent staff member can save customers valuable time.

  • Awe-struck displays at some focal points

This is a right trick to keep the customers engaged in showroom. Let them come and check out new and appealing products. For this, make some focal points inside your showroom and adorn them in right manner.

In case, you’re looking to buy a brand new showroom, location and reputation of your real estate developer are the other two most significant things that you can’t afford to miss upon. These days, Mohali is topping the list of most preferred locations of Northern region due to certain reasons such as luxurious lifestyle, corporate development, IT hub, city’s close proximity to Chandigarh, Zirakpur and Panchkula and availability of reliable and aware real estate developers.

Right now, there’s a showroom for sale in Mohali in Jade Business Park. Investing in this project by Mona Townships Pvt Ltd is definitely going to reap you great results in future since the showroom is well planned and designed after considering all the significant factors.

(RERA) became operational! NOW WHAT ?

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Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 which was cleared by parliament last year in March has become operational from Ist May, 2017. As soon as the Real Estate Regulation Act got cleared by parliament in last year, the states became liable to notify the realty rules and set up RERA by 30th April, 2016.

RERA Punjab is simply a landmark realty law formed with the purpose of protecting home buyers from unethical real estate developers. In short, the act aims to bring clarity and implement fair practices to protect the interests of buyers and impose penalties on culpable builders.

According to RERA, now each state and union territory will have its own regulator and set of rules to administer the functioning of regulator. Though the rules were drafted for many states including National Capital but among 32 states, only 13 states notified the rules. The states which notified the rules are:

  1. Gujarat
  2. Uttar Pradesh
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Maharashtra
  5. Odisha
  6. Delhi
  7. Andhra Pradesh
  8. Kerala
  9. Maharashtra
  10. Punjab
  11. Rajasthan
  12. Haryana
  13. Delhi

Notably, Madhyapradesh is the only state to set up RERA while other states have set up interim regulators.

Well, there is lot more to the story. Let’s take a look at the main highlights of RERA Act, 2017.

(RERA) became operational! NOW WHAT?

Main Highlights of Real Estate Regulation Act, 2017


All the builders which undertake the project wherein the land exceeds 500 square metre have to register with RERA. It has to be done before the launch and advertising of the project. Developers can register till July 31st. In case, the real estate developer fails to do so, he has to undergo a maximum imprisonment of 3 years or fine of up to 10% of the total project cost.

  1. Real estate developers have to submit as well as upload all the details of project. It includes approved timeline, layout plan, cost, and the sale agreement. It is only after fulfilling this disclosure clause that a developer would be able to advertise his project to potential buyers.

  2. Real Estate Appellate Tribunals have to be set up in every state.
  3. In case of grievances, the consumer can go to the real estate regulator for redressal.
  4. To meet the construction cost of the project, real estate developers have to put 50% of the money collected from a buyer in a separate account.
  5. Real Estate Regulation Act is supposed to weed out fly-by-night operators from the sector and channelise investment into it.
  6. Builders will also benefit since the law has penal provisions for allottees who do not pay dues on time. Apart from this, builder can also approach the regulator if there is any issue with the buyer.

Real Estate Regulation Act directs that developers can’t get more than 10 per cent of the property’s cost as an advanced payment booking amount before a registered sale agreement is signed.

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Positioning of kitchen in new Flat

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Positioning of kitchen in new home is very important because it is  main powerful segment of the house is Kitchen.  Kitchen is the source of health and happiness for the family members and home partners.  The perfect location of kitchen and kitchen articles makes the perfect house as per vastu.  Family member live healthy always and mis incident don’t come around.


Best Location of Kitchen:  The Kitchen should be constructed at the southeast location of the house.  If you don’t have the space then you can think for northwest corner of the house to build the kitchen. But southeast area is perfect for the building the kitchen.  The kitchen should not be constructed under or above of the puja room, bathroom or toilet.  Even the wall should not be share of the bathroom and toilet with the kitchen.  If the kitchen build in the northeast direction the mental tension problem will increase and losses will come up.  The domestic harmony will destroy if kitchen located in south west position.


WashBasin or Sink: Washbasin/Sink for washing the vegetables, fruits, utensils and other article should be maintained at Eastnorth location.  This should be far away from all kind of fire because fire and water both work opposite to each other.

Refrigerator: It is your choice about the refrigerator to keep in kitchen or not.  If you are really interested to keep refrigerator in the kitchen then please make the space at southwest position.  This will help to maintain the freshness of the food and keep them healthy.

Gas Stove: The gas stove or other fire stove should be kept at southeast corner and keep 5 to 6 inch away from the wall.  The face of the chef should be at east direction at the time of cooking.

Window and Exhaust Fans: Ventilation is necessary in the kitchen for maintaining the fresh air, here vastu work also.  The windows and fans should be build in the south and east walls of kitchen.  You have to construct the 2 to 3 window on east side wall specially and some on south wall. The exhaust fan must be fixed at east wall for extra benefit.

Drinking water: Drinking water or drinking water supply should be keep at northeast corner as well as the water utensils should be store in the northeast corner.

Storage: The storage of the edible product should be keep in the south location.  Like daals, wheat, atta, rice, masale, vegetable, fruits, Oil and many other things.  If you have the shortage of space at south location then you can choose the west side wall also.

Color: Colors keeps mind fresh and very much useful to change the mind of person.  Color combination works in kitchen also.  The floor color of kitchen should be orange, rose, yellow, red or chocolate.  In all mean to understand the black color of floor will ruin everything.

Electric Appliances:  All Electric appliance should be place at south or southeast side of the kitchen.  The Heater, Oven, Toaster, Microwave, Mixer, roller etc. all should be placed on the exact place as specified.

Dining Table:  If you have placed any dining table in the kitchen so placed it in west side and for more positive output you can manage it at northwest side also.

These are the common facts by the vastu for the kitchen of a home.  If you follow them, it will be very helpful to grow up in your life and health with the happiness.  But there are some problem you may face at the time of booking of the apartment or flat as may they have not mind about these common things regards of the vastu.  You must ensure and check all the facts before booking the home.

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Why to buy identified Property

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Why to buy identified property , it is very common but important question from all buyer. Prepare yourself for the new land of dreams called Mohali. Where it has been not too far off when the property  made the marks in the news to be one of the hottest property investment areas for any reputed builder in India, the government departments are yet to give you a value for your money if you had invested in here.

The new updation sealing of unauthorized property developments to give way to the more social and responsible forms of development in the city are up on the cards for the government agencies. Better infrastructure, cleaner air, beautiful surroundings and more on your way if you are in close to not just Chandigarh but in Mohali too.

copy of jade business park

Being recently on the main road that connects from the Banur Road to Patiala Zirakpur road, the 8 lane maestro that also gives way to the international airport of Mohali is yet another milestone that was achieved recently, treat to watch.

Recently the high rise and other planned societies in the town have started getting occupancies more and more and started carving the way to the demand of better facilities for the same. Out of the many requirements, easy movement from one place to the other was one of the major one. With the city getting populated, there is more space organization that is required from civil authorities.  Cutting loose the whip on those who had unauthorized occupancies, are now being addressed. Other sorts of unauthorized constructions are also being noticed with a keen eye by the authorities at the same time.



The recent drive of the Mohali civil authorities to seal the unauthorized constructions and possession is a positive vibe in the air. Though it is a source of big tension for those whole properties have been affected, it is better for the overall development of the society and a better value for money for those who have kept abiding the law. The drive to seal the unprecedented expansions are running currently all over the city of Mohali/ Ajitgarh with a higher percentage in the key areas of the city including the central, East and North of the city. The areas adjacent to Chandigarh are still a priority to be developed further in a more precedential manner. More open space, great amount of vegetation, greener drives, non polluting vehicles and industries, cleaner surroundings, healthier food are up on the charts of the authorities to standardize for not just the ones who are already staying up there in the city already, but for those who plan to upgrade themselves for a better living from more remote areas from Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Every year there are thousands of youth who plan for higher studies in Chandigarh and Mohali, later try to settle down here. It is a good scope for them to have settled here.

With the recent drive of sealing of unauthorized construction has not just put a major stop to the unsocial elements but also made a considerable change in the mindsets of those builders or personal household developers that they should be further more cautious to abide by the laws of the city. With the hope and thanks to the authorities to take a keen step towards the same at the right time is most welcomed by the responsible and social elements of the society for a better tomorrow for everyone.

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Comparisons between Independent Floors and Flats

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The big question that comes to your mind as a consumer planning to invest in a property, what should I buy? Independent floor, Flat or a plot, we will try and understand the pros and cons of flats and floor. If you are planning to buy a floor or a flat the configuration of the property must be considered and whether it fits your budget and family, typically in India you will find 2 BHK, 3BHK, BHK, 5BHK, and so on. A major portion of investment goes to flats in a high rise residential complex as facilities like security, gymnasium, swimming pool are already in place, however if you buy an independent floor you have to take care of all these facilities yourself, however the flip side to this is that if you purchase a floor you can customize the same according to your liking and budget.

Independence Floor and Flats

Reasons for buying a Flat – 

Real Estate sector in India offers unlimited range of residential accommodations and flats are the most popular form of residential property. Consumers in India like to invest in apartments in high rise residential towers. The reasons for high demand in flats are many.

monacity-homes mohali (1)

  • Costing– Cost of flats are much lower than floors or plots
  • Security – Residential Apartments in a high rise tower is equipped with proper security arrangements to provide its residents with a protective environment.
  • Maintenance – Maintenance of the residential complex if you purchase a flat in high rise tower is not your problem, it comes under the complex association, all you have to do is to pay a maintenance amount and enjoy the amenities offered by the complex.

Reasons for buying a floor – Buying a floor is better for those who want to customize the floor according to their own taste, you have all the freedom to restructure the whole shape according to your wishes, a flat will not give you this freedom, you could work on the interiors but you cannot tamper with the original structure of the flat. Also if you opt for a ground floor then you can have a courtyard which you rarely find in a flat.

These are some of the reasons that you should consider before buying any property whether floor or flat, these are personal choices. Whether you buy a flat or a floor you should make sure that it offers you everything that you are looking for in your dream abode.

Process of Home Repayment- Mohali

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Process of Home repayment in Mohali , you must understand that When you are planning to buy a house, it is very important to choose the right mode of payment, the most difficult part in buying the house is the payment plan, because of which investors back out from purchasing a house. Whenever you are planning to buy  identified property in Mohali  it is very important to discuss the various modes of payment with the builder and understand them very carefully to avoid any further confusion after you bought the house. In India the popular modes of payments are:-

Road of Mona City Project

  • Down payment plan.
  • Construction linked payment plan.
  • Felix payment plan.
  • Time linked payment plan.

Let`s analyse these plans in details

Down payment plan:- Under this plan generally to have to submit 10% of the total amount at the time of booking, 80% payment within the next 60 days and the remaining amount at the time of possession, however the thing to keep in mind here is that when you are making the final payment it is not just the remaining amount you have to pay but also 5% of the total amount as stamp duty for registration, property taxes, society maintenance charges, club house charges, parking charges any other charges applicable and payable at the time of possession.

Construction linked plan:-

Under this plan at the time of booking you have to pay 10% to 12% of the total amount, rest is payable in different stages which is linked to different stages of construction, the moment construction reaches a particular stage you will get a demand note for payment generally it is around 20%. This plan is beneficial because it is linked to the performance of the devloper however the loan gets a bit costlier simply because till the time you get the final possession of your house you only have to pay the interest of the loan amount and the actual repayment starts only after possession hence the term of the loan gets longer and becomes expensive.

Flexi payment plan:-

This plan is a combination of the both Down payment and construction linked plan, under this the buyer needs to make one third payment of the total amount and the rest is paid according to different stages of construction, the remaining amount is paid at the time of possession.

Time linked payment plan: –

Under this plan bank loan is taken and payment made according to a specified time and made proportionately, however the biggest risk here is that if there is delay in possession of the house, it affects your repayment plan in this scenario it is important to calculate how much interest you will further incur and how much can you save.

It is imperative that you do not invest in any property without properly studying various payment options, prepare yourself beforehand on down payment, EMI, possession date given by the builder and you will end up making a smart deal.


Commercial Property Option at Mohali

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Mohali is very beautiful city of Punjab. And most of the person like this place because of the they want some quite place with full of green area that you feel like heaven. We are human and we all love to green area not only in our home , we want green area in our office also.

Now i want to introduce about very beautiful place in Mohali and where you can buy your dream office at best rate. If you are searching for a office in Mohali than your search ends at Jade business Park.



Option in Commercial Property in Mohali –

There are so many option for  your commercial property in Mohali. Now i will give you short but very good list property that you can use for making your office or open a showrooms or use as investment purpose. It is all up to you.

Jade Business Parkcommercial property in mohali

Location: Sector 90 , Mohali

Price : 28 Lacs.*

Builder Name : Mona Townships Pvt Ltd




Finding an ideal office space within your pocket

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It is a quite tiring and frustrating process when you go searching for an office space, which comes in your budget. It is harder to find one inside a city-centre location.

Office for rent in Mohali

Office for rent in Mohali

First thing to keep in mind is to estimate the budget and the size you need for your work, before looking to lease office space. If the city has a lot of vacant space available, your chance for negotiating a much cheaper price is high, and vice versa. Moreover, if you are getting only an interior space, it is approximately 15% cheaper than the exterior office space option. When price becomes the most important issue while choosing a new office, you have to be very prudent. If you spend very less, you may not be satisfied with the working or you may have to move out after some time. And, if you spend too much beyond your capacity, you may find it difficult to pay even the rent, in case of a bad business. Hence, both situations are not recommended.

Question one gives you a very broad indication of affordability and asking about hidden costs helps you protect yourself against being stung with charges you didn’t expect. The third question is simply to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Always do a quick comparison with other offices spaces in the area to make sure you’re getting value for money.

jade Business Park , mohali

jade Business Park , mohali


If you are starting your business, or open a showroom with fewer budgets, it is advisable to open one away from city centres. Generally, the cheapest spaces are found away from such cities and towns. Though you find a large crowd in cities, it is difficult to get business until you have a name in your field. In the case of a showroom, people may visit your shop, but may not necessarily become your customer. The present trend shows that your business has to prove an upward movement; only then, you can expect a massive influx of customers into your showroom. Hence, it is advisable for a start-up firm, which has less investment, to open its office away from such expensive space.

Toll Free Number for Book Your Office space  1800 3000 3143

As a part of reducing the expense, you can go for open design for office interior, instead of cabin system to accommodate more employees comfortably. It is desirable to encourage them working from home, which helps in accommodating the others. Later on, when you establish your business empire, you can house all your employees in the office. It is imprudent going for a very expensive office set up, if you do not generate proportionate business.

Before deciding to take an office, you have to think if you want a permanent setup or a temporary one. If it is for a long term process, then you may get the space for rent in a comparatively cheaper rate.

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