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Real Estate Builder Towards Nature & Economy

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Real Estate Builder are Businessman Who Obtain Land. Prepare That Land for Development and Manage the Construction Process. After Completion of  Development Process they Negotiating with People for Sale their product. Throughout  all this process Nature is Affected By Many Different Reasons . Which Introduce Unbalanced Nature For Example in India There are Mainly Three Season Which are Summer , Rain and Winter. this season are Divided in Three Slot According to Month of Year. From Past Few Years  Time Schedule of Raining Season is Changed in India Because of Pollution. Real Estate Sector is also Responsible for These Factor.

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 In Present Years There are Availability of Land in Urban City is decreasing. Because of These Reason Land Developer Purchasing Agricultural Based Land or Forest Land Near City  From Government and Owner of Land. After Purchase They Develop Those Land for Different Purpose e.g. Commercial/Residential Society.  Because of Development , There are a Few Number of Forest are Remaining in India so in Result Pollution is Increasing . To Maintain Green and Clean Nature Land Developer Develop Park , Garden , Small Zoo Around Their Project. This Effective Step Has Taken as Responsibility by Real Estate Developer and They Sincerely Applying This Step. But we saw that builders in Mohali trying to keep clean earth and pollution for this they are plants lots of tree for greens and beautiful earth.

                      Now We Comes to Responsibility of Real Estate Developer Towards Economy. Real Estate Play Important Role in Modern Indian Economy. It is Integral Part of Indian Economy and Shared 6.3% in GDP of Indian Economy in Year 2012  According to CREDAI. This Sector Generate Millions Job Opportunity Across India Which also Help the Government to Decrease Unemployment in India. Large Revenue Comes to Indian Government as Taxes From This Sector, Which is Good For Government as well as Economy. Through These Revenue Government Investing in Different Sector to Increase Growth of Country. So Conclusion is Real Estate Developers of India Sincerely Doing their Responsibility towards Nation , Nature and Economy.

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